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When someone sustains an injury, the first thing on their mind is getting better. Finding a knowledgeable representative is often an afterthought and it is difficult to know which person is right for you and your family. Personal Injury law is a highly specialized area of law. When it comes to Personal Injury law, you need an expert. Experience, familiarity, and personality really do count when it comes to your peace of mind.

Premises or property liability is an area of law that holds property owners legally responsible for accidents that occur inside or outside their property due to unsafe conditions. Unsafe conditions can include ice, snow, wet floors, uneven areas, impediments in walking surfaces, potholes, lack of security, assaults, stairwells, stairs, barriers, poor lighting, hidden hazards, structural defects, etc. The list is endless.

These laws are complex. If you have been injured and are facing a complex scenario in dealing with it, we are there to help you.



As paralegals, there are certain legal matters that fall outside of the paralegal scope of practice. We have affiliations with experienced lawyers in this area of law. Accordingly, you can be assured that through our office you will be taken care of every step of the way.