How paralegals can help in Landlord and Tenant Board

There are many ways you can go wrong in property related business. Since you are trading with lot of people who have unlike beliefs or mind sets than yours, you will inevitably come across disputes with your tenants. And when things go worst, you may even go in contradiction of each other in court. To win this battle, you may need the help of a landlord-tenant paralegal which you can count on. This is how and where George Brown Professional Corporation comes in so that you all stop worrying about the legal problems owning a property.

Now in order to understand how we can help you or a paralegal can help you in regards to Landlord & Tenant Board, You have to go through the below mentioned pointers.

​1) Non-payment of Rent or Arrears

We can help you in properly interpreting the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act in case your tenant has failed to pay their rent or dues on time. So that you can decide what will be the next best move for you to take.

2) Evictions

Also titled as a tenancy for cause, this is the case you can file when your tenant, his friends, or any other person living in the entity violates the landlord-tenant agreement that you both have signed and agreed on.This is a delicate case since some of the acts that lead to eviction are subjective. The first step you should do here is to provide an official notice to the tenant. The official notice must come from the Landlord and Tenant Board. George Brown Professional Corporation can ensure that you will use the proper notices. Furthermore, we are always with you to guide you on how to fill out the notices properly. A simple mistake in filling these forms will cost you not just the case, but your precious time, effort, and money as well.

3) Termination of tenancy

The landlord must provide a Notice of Termination to the tenant to notify them of the landlord's grounds for termination and this has to be done before termination of tenancy can occur. Now if the tenant fails to resolve the issue after receiving the notice, the landlord should send an application to the Board. Then a hearing will be necessary to assess the situation at hand.

George Brown Professional Corporation can help you make the process as easy as possible for you by assisting you in filing for the notice, setting the date of the hearing, and acting as your legal representative throughout the hearing.

4) Late Rent Payments

The most common issue that landlords have to deal with is late rent payments. Kindly take a note that you need to follow a tiresome and strict legal process before you can evict a late-paying tenant. At first, you need to make sure that you have given them the last chance of warning. If they still do not pay the dues on time, then you will need to present a proof of payment delinquency to obtain a payment on time order from the Landlord & Tenant Board. If the tenant still fails to pay the dues on time after this order has been issued, you can proceed with filing for an Order to Evict.

5) Illegal acts by Tenants

There are numerous conditions that a tenant's act must meet before it can be considered as an illegal act. We will assist you evaluate if your tenant's actions can be considered an illegal act. If we judge it to be an illegal act based on the conditions set forth by the Landlord Tenant Board, we will assist you in serving the tenant with a suitable eviction date. Once the notice to terminate has been given to the tenant, we will assist you apply to evict. Also, we will assist you in preparing and presenting the burden of proof of the illegal act in court.

6) Damages to the Property

The routine maintenance of a property is not the responsibility of the tenant but they are responsible for the repair of sizeable damage that they, their visitants, or their pets cause. Leaving apart physical damage, damages may also comprise disturbances to the quiet of the other tenants in the building brought about by the tenant’s disruptive behavior or boisterous pets. Under this scenario, we will assist you to suitably document all the damages to the property your tenant has caused. We will also help you in creating a burden of proof which we will present in court.

7) Rent Increase

As a landlord, you will be dealing with increasing expenses due to a vast range of factors, including taxes, renovations, and major repairs. You may be interested to pass it on to your tenant. Before you do that, please take a note that you need to facilitate the rent hike in adherence to the Residential Tenancies Act. Our job is to help you understand the clauses in this act in best possible way so that you can increase the rent of your tenant in compliance with the act.

Incomplete Maintenance

If you are facing a case filed by your tenant for incomplete maintenance or repairs, we will be your legal representatives at the Board, and we will assist you in defending yourself against your tenant's allegations.

Demand Letters

As promised, we will be with you every step of the way when it comes to handling your dispute with your tenant. That is why, our services also include writing and serving demand letters on your behalf.

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