Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration


Mediation helps to resolve problems between individuals and companies who are involved in a dispute. It’s an informal and confidential process through which parties are able to work together to reach a solution that is often more creative than that which court would impose. Mediation is a structured process with a number of procedural stages where the Mediator assists the parties in resolving their disputes. Overall, it is an alternative way to reach a solution.

The mediation process permits a mediator and the parties to focus on the real problems and difficulties between the parties. Because of this, the parties are free to express their own interests and need for an open dialogue in a less adversarial setting than a courtroom. The main objective of Mediation is to assist people in dedicating more time and attention to creating a voluntary, functional and durable agreement.



The philosophy of arbitration is that parties should be free to agree how their disputes are resolved, subject only to such safeguards as are necessary in the public interest, without court interference. Arbitrators are often people who are experts in a specific area of the particular industry, especially in cases where the decision-maker needs to be knowledgeable about a particular matter or business practice. The Arbitrator then determines the outcome of the case, and that decision is binding upon the parties.


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