Rahel Schneeberger Brown

Rahel Schneeberger Brown
Rahel Schneeberger Brown

Rahel Schneeberger-Brown is the Co-Founder and a Director of George Brown Professional Corporation. She is also a Paralegal licensee of the Law Society of Ontario.

Together with Mr. Brown, she has built a legal practice with a distinct and creative view of providing legal services in a manner that maintains both dignity and the participation of all its clients. Rahel’s philosophy of access to justice, along with her experience of over 20 years, brings an invaluable confidence, competence, and candidness to the practice.

Rahel holds a teaching degree from Switzerland and speaks a variety of languages, all of which brings immense value to the daily activities of the practice. Her skills include her ability to manage a large, busy practice of legal services within the paralegal scope, and her language skills. She can communicate in French, Italian and German.

Rahel is very involved with the Roncesvalles community, where she is the Treasurer of the Peace Garden Committee and the Co-Founder of the Roncy North Committee. Rahel enjoys beautifying the office window display where she often features the work of various local artists, as well as planting and caring for the flowers and vegetables outside of the office.

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